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Classic Hits for two Clarinets

 เพิ่มเมื่อ: 28/04/2019
 แก้ไขล่าสุด: 18/11/2022

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  • CategoryClarinet
  • PublisherB?renreiter
  • CodeBA10636
  • ISBN9790006562411
  • SeriesReady to Play
  • FormatBook
  • Artist/AurthorWoodfull-Harris Douglas
  • Weigth (G)250
  • Width9"
  • Length12"
  • Pages31
  • Retail Price630
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  • ImageBA10636
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  • RemarkComposer / Author:Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus"Das klinget so herrlich"aus "Die Zauberfl?te"Instrumentation:Klarinette (2)?Composer / Author:Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus"Wer ein Liebchen hat gefunden"aus "Die Entf?hrung aus dem Serial"Instrumentation:Klarinette (2)?Composer / Author:Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus" Voi che sepate che soca ? amor"aus "Le nozze di Figaro"Instrumentation:Klarinette (2)?Composer / Author:Weber, Carl Maria von"O lest den Dank in diesen Z?hren"aus "Der Freisch?tz"Instrumentation:Klarinette (2)?Composer / Author:Weber, Carl Maria vonBarcarloeaus "Oberon"Instrumentation:Klarinette (2)?Composer / Author:Haydn, JosephAndante quasi allegrettoaus "Symphonie -Milit?r-, Hob. I : 100"Instrumentation:Klarinette (2)?Composer / Author:Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus"Drei Kn?bchen, jung, sch?n, hold und weise"aus "Die Zauberfl?te"Instrumentation:Klarinette (2)?Composer / Author:Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus"Zum Ziele f?hrt dich diese Bahn"aus "Die Zauberfl?te"Instrumentation:Klarinette (2)?Composer / Author:Gluck, Christoph Willibald"Che far? senza Euridice?"aus "Orfeo ed Euridice"Instrumentation:Klarinette (2)?Composer / Author:Haydn, JosephSymphonie "L'Ours"aus "Hob. I : 82"Instrumentation:Klarinette (2)?Composer / Author:Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus"Presto presto pria ch'ei venga"aus "Don Giovanni"Instrumentation:Klarinette (2)?Composer / Author:Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus"Non pi? andrai farfallone amoroso"aus "Le nozze di Figaro"Instrumentation:Klarinette (2)?Composer / Author:Schubert, FranzWiegenliedaus "op. 98, 2D 498"Instrumentation:Klarinette (2)?Composer / Author:Weber, Carl Maria vonB?hmischer Walzeraus "Der Freisch?tz"Instrumentation:Klarinette (2)?Composer / Author:Schubert, FranzDes M?dchens Klageaus "op. 53, 3 D 191"Instrumentation:Klarinette (2)?Composer / Author:Schumann, RobertTr?umereiaus "Kinderszenen"Instrumentation:Klarinette (2)?Composer / Author:Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus"Vivat Bacchus lebe"aus "Die Entf?hrung aus dem Serial"Instrumentation:Klarinette (2)?Composer / Author:Haydn, JosephLieben und geliebt werdenaus "Die Jahreszeiten"Instrumentation:Klarinette (2)?Composer / Author:Beethoven, Ludwig vanSymphonie Nr. 1 op. 21Instrumentation:Klarinette (2)?Composer / Author:Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus"Che soave zeffiretto"aus "Le nozze di Figaro"Instrumentation:Klarinette (2)?Composer / Author:Mendelssohn Bartholdy, FelixHochzeitsmarschaus "Ein Sommernachtstraum"Instrumentation:Klarinette (2)?Composer / Author:Chopin, Fr?d?ricMazurka Nr. 1 op. 7Instrumentation:Klarinette (2)?Composer / Author:Chopin, Fr?d?ricValse Nr. 2 op. 64Instrumentation:Klarinette (2)?Composer / Author:Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusKonzert f?r Klarinette und Orchester KV 622Instrumentation:Klarinette (2)?Composer / Author:Beethoven, Ludwig van"Freude, sch?ner G?tterfunken"aus "Symphonie Nr. 9 op. 125"Instrumentation:Klarinette (2)?Composer / Author:Weber, Carl Maria vonJ?gerchoraus "Der Freisch?tz"Instrumentation:Klarinette (2)
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�R?cr?ation� and �divertissement� � relaxation and entertainment: those were the popular catchwords applied in the 19th century to arrangements of well-known and much loved pieces. They allowed larger scored compositions to find their way into the parlour or music lessons. The 26 duets in this volume are mostly taken from 19th century tutors, though some have also been prepared by the editor. They include popular melodies by Mozart, Haydn, Gluck, Weber, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Schubert, Schumann and Chopin. These moderately difficult duets are suitable for ambitious beginners. The second part is generally played by the teacher.


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